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Anti-frizz Microfiber Hair Turban
You can't ask a better heat-free drying than this. Microfiber absorbs seven times its weight in water! The soft, absorbent microfiber texture is gentler for fragile curls than a terrycloth (used in regular towels) or 100% cotton.
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£ 10.49
Such a great product!

I am so happy to have found this hair oil! I have wavy hair which often ends up just being a dry, frizzy mess but this lovely oil defines the waves and my hair feels less dry without getting oily. Can highly recommend ❤️

WildCurl reviews - Wavy hair oil and a girl with long black wavy hair

Loved by our community


I’ve been using the Wavy Oil every wash to ‘break my cast’. It’s a lightweight oil that keeps the frizz away. For the past few weeks I’ve been trailing the Shampoo and Conditioner which I’m loving and the hair turbie even more so!

WildCurl reviews - Wavy hair oil and a girl with long black wavy hair
Weightless Wavy Hair Oil

I have to use light oils as my hair is low porosity and fine so this is perfect.

Weightless Wavy Hair Oil

Thank you for all the moisture! I have really dry hair, partly due to the fact I colour it and partly due to the fact that it’s too long to really do anything. This CURLY oil was such a treat! My hair DRANK this up ✨✨ I use it to refresh and scrunch ❤️❤️

Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil

I love the way it makes my scalp feel hydrated and how good it works ❤️

WildCurl Charm Hair Growth Oil - Curly girl holding a hair oil bottle
Charm Hair Growth Booster Oil