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4 products to fight against frizzy summer hair

Who wouldn't love those warm summer days, especially by the beach! Unfortunately, sometimes curly hair doesn't agree with the weather and tends to get out of control with the humidity and heat. The moisture in the air can bring some lovely added volume to the hair, but fast this can take an ugly turn and convert into unwanted frizz. When the hair's cuticles are open, moisture from the hot, humid air penetrates the hair shaft and causes frizzy flyaways. That said, to avoid frizzy hair, the key is keeping it well moisturized! 

Here we gathered four products to help to fight against frizzy hair during the summer. Take a look!

    1. The first reason for frizzy hair is the lack of moisture in the hair. This causes hair to seek moisture from the air around it, which is why humidity often worsens matters. We recommend to review your shower routine, so you can ensure your hair gets the needed hydration. Our new Ugly Orange 2-in-1 hair mask/conditioner might be just the perfect match! It is very high in moisturizing conditioning agents, fatty acids, natural oils and butters such as Shea butter and Avocado Oil, which add a ton of moisture to your hair. It also has an amazing slip for detangling and contains a novel active, an Ugly Orange Extract, that strengthens hair without any added proteins.

    1. Include a hair oil into your styling routine! This is a must for curlies with frizz. Hair oils act as natural emollients that flatten and seal the hair cuticles, creating a smoother outer layer of the hair strand. Smoother hair reduces the friction between each hair-strand, making the hair align better next to each other, resulting in amazing glossy, frizz-free curls. Our Weightless Wavy Hair Oil tames frizz very well, is super lightweight and won't weigh down even finer hair types. Our Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil, on the other hand, is a good choice for a very dry or coarse hair in a look for a good moisture boost on top of the frizz reduction.

    1. How you dry your hair makes a big difference in the results. If you haven't yet moved from a regular towel to a microfiber one, now it's the time. First of all, a microfiber towel absorbs more water than a regular towel, making the drying process faster. But also, it reduces frizz as the constitution of the fabric is much softer and finer than a terrycloth, making it more gentle for fragile curls. Pro tip, the best frizz-free results you get when you style and brush first your hair (oils, gels, cream, your own styling routine) and then gently wrap it into our Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Turban. Let it dry for 10 min and then let the hair continue to air dry before touching it. Once dry, separate the curls and fluff for volume with a hair pick.

    1. It can get hot during summertime making buns our best friend. How do we tie our hair though matters! Using traditional hair rubbers easily breaks the hair, resulting in a frizzy look when the hair is open. To avoid snapping, take a look at our satin scrunchies. We have Medium Scrunchies for looser buns and bigger curls and Mini Scrunchies for details like braids and twists and for a fine curly hair.

Curlies, we hope these tips helps you to enjoy your summer days! It is the perfect moment for outdoor activities and get a bit sun-kissed. However, it's good to remember that a little frizz is part of the deal. Learn to embrace it equally. With these tips, you can alternate between wild volume days and defined curls and waves. Check out more advice, reviews, and products on our website today!

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