6 Black-Owned Vegan & Sustainable Businesses in the UK to Follow

Quoting Finimpact's article #BlackLivesMatter: How to Support Black-Owned Small Businesses: 

"The primary reason for the lack of Black wealth and their under-representation in business is due to the treatment of previous generations. This has led to an infrastructure where other demographics benefit from inherited wealth, go to the best schools, and get the best jobs. In contrast, black people do not have any of these benefits in terms of wealth acquisition and are starting off on a much weaker platform to grow their income potential."

Socially-minded people know how important it is to support black owned businesses in the UK, and globally. Buying from black-owned businesses, all-year-round, is one of the best ways to show our commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Additiionally, it is important to show support for vegan businesses that reflect our values. Part of the reason we make and buy vegan products is that we're dedicated to making the world a better place. Shopping with black owned vegan businesses in the UK is a great way to vote with our wallets. 

Check out these 6 black owned vegan businesses we know you'll love. 

1. The Wild Curl

The Wild Curl provides products and hair care tips for naturally curly hair. Vanessa Martins Lopes, the founder of The Wild Curl, believes that everyone should have the right to embrace their natural hair without having the need to fit into narrow beauty standards set by the society. For decades, people with curly hair has been straigtning their hair and damaging their natural hair texture. Now more than ever, people are ready to reject these beauty standards and celebrate their curls. To support the nautral hair journey, The Wild Curl provides nourishing hair oils to revitalize curls and gentle sulphate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to keep curly hair healthy and vibrant. They cater from the finest wavy hair to super curly afro hair. And don't worry if you are unsure of your hair type, you can always take their Curly Hair Quiz to find out what products are the best fit for your hair! 

2. Kalabash Bodycare

Kalabash Bodycare provides award winning palm free artisan soap, skincare products and soy wax essential oil candles. Everything is Caribbean inspired, giving you a taste of paradise first thing in the morning. Whether you prefer to smell like a Creole Rose or a Black Sand Beach, you can't go wrong with artisan soap from Kalabash Bodycare. Sharron Jenkins, the founder of Kalabash Bodycare, has been making soap for well over a decade - since her daughter was a lively teenager and her now adult son was a boy.

3. Eloise

Eloise Beauty, founded by Risi Osogba, provides tools and cosmetics, that are inclusive of all skin tones. With their unique products, Eloise goes far beyond gorgeous, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup. Their innovative makeup brushes are a necessity for anyone who loves makeup. The super-soft, cashmere-like, synthetic brushes are easily the best vegan brushes on the market. 

Plus, if you're looking for showstopping eyeshadows and highlighters, Eloise is the place to shop. They know how to design gorgeous colors for a wide range of skin tones. We're certain you'll find something you love here.   

4. Sancho's Shop

Even if a store is black-owned, you might find the brands they carry aren't. At Sancho's Shop, founded by Kalkidan Legesse and Vidmantas Markevicius, they exclusively feature independent, UK-based black-owned brands. They believe that fashion should be built to last, in fair trade conditions with organic, recycled and regenerative materials. Their ethical clothing is perfect for everything from lounging around the house to a night out on the town.

With women's and men's clothing, accessories, and home goods, this store really has it all. If you're looking for a gift, Sancho's Shop should be your first stop. 

5. K&R London

Nothing is nicer than a vegan candle on a chilly night. Husband and wife team Kyle and Rochelle make some of the highest-quality candles available in the UK. Their unique fragrance collection has scents you're bound to love, like Rhubarb & Ginger or Kiwi & Apricot. 

If candles aren't for you, they also offer reed diffusers, room sprays, and wax melts. And everything is natural plant and soy based! These make great housewarming and holiday gifts, so make sure you stock up! 

6. The Glowcery

Glowing skin is just one online order away! The Glowcery creates their vegan skincare line with superfoods to give you healthy, happy skin. Their small batch process gives you fresh serums, lip scrubs, and balms that smell good enough to eat. Roshanne, the Founder of The Glowcery, believes that the ingredients you put on your body should be as nutritious and healthy as the food you put into your bodies. 

While this brand is less than a year old, they're already making waves across the UK. Follow this brand and become a superfood superfan before the crowd catches on. 

Supporting Black Owned Vegan Businesses Is Easier Than Ever

When you're not sure where to shop, it's easy to fall back on buying from businesses that don't support your values. But now, you can support black owned vegan businesses for every item on your wish list! Follow and support these independent creators today.

Don't miss out on everything our community has to offer. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about other succesful black prioneers, leaders and business owners and if you are in a look for self-care, you will also find helpful hair-care tips for diverse textured hair.

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Vanessa Martins, Founder TheWildCurl