Does My Curly Hair Need Protein or Moisture?

Have you been searching for answers to questions like does my curly hair need protein or moisture, should I use shampoo without sulfates, and what is a sulfate anyway? Let's go over some of the tips and tricks for curly hair.

Does My Curly Hair Need Protein or Moisture?

Protein vs moisture, what's the difference? Does my hair need protein or moisture? Performing a quick and easy strand test can give you some insight as to whether you need one or the other. 

When your hair is wet, pull on one strand of hair. If it stretches before snapping or fraying, then you most likely need to moisturize. If it snaps right away without any stretching, then you should consider using a protein product.

Protein is what keeps the hair strong, and moisture is what keeps the hair hydrated. Once you have deciphered what your hair needs, and when, make sure that you are keeping up with regular trims so that it can stay healthy after you treat it.

Who Needs Protein?

Is your hair weak or brittle?  Or are you losing an unusual amount of hair?

It is not as common for hair to be lacking protein as it is for hair to need more moisture, but it does happen.

Who Needs Moisture?

Do you have a lot of split ends? Is your hair frizzy, unmanageable, or dull?

More often than not, hair that needs more moisture has been over-treated, treated with the wrong products, or has had too much heat applied to it.

How To Choose The Right Shampoo

Now that you know how to determine whether your hair needs protein or moisture, a good next step is to look into the right shampoo to fit your needs.

What to look for in a hair shampoo usually depends on what your hair type is. Are your curls or coils tight, and dense? Or do you have more of a loose wave? The tighter your curls or coils are, the more moisturizing you will want your product to be.

How to identify a good shampoo is not always easy, but what you can look out for is avoiding sulfates and alcohol at all times. A product with coconut oil, argan oil, or shea butter in it will be very hydrating. 

Best Hair Moisturizing Products For Curly Hair

Get the right products for your hair by choosing from the line up made especially for curly, coils, and wavy hair:

Moisture is key for healthy hair. Never choose the wrong product again!

Sulfates Defined

The terms sulfates and sulfate-free have become common lingo but are rarely understood. A basic way to define sulfates is chemicals that are added to hair products as cleaning agents, they often damage curls and dry them out! They are what give the shampoo its texture and lathering effect.

Finding the Best Hair Protein Treatment For Curly Hair

Trying to find the perfect protein treatment can be overwhelming. With so many options and varieties, it’s hard to know which one is best. Formulas that use keratin and other proteins are perfect for protein-based hair. T

The protein helps seal in nutrients that keep your hair healthy. This makes it more manageable, too. Protein treatments can be used as a deep conditioning treatment or a weekly treatment to keep your hair moisturized from the inside out.

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