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5 Reasons Why you Should Dry Curly Hair with a Microfiber Towel

Around 65% of the world's population has textured hair. If you're one of the many rocking curls, you're probably wondering which products you should use to ensure more good hair days.

Proper haircare extends beyond the shower because the way you dry your hair matters. Using a microfiber hair towel has many benefits, and it's the ideal solution for drying curly hair.

Why all the buzz? Learn the answers here, and discover why you need to make the switch.


1. High Capability to Absorb Water

The extra-fine fibers in a microfiber towel do a fantastic job soaking up the water in your hair, cutting down on drying time. In fact, microfiber absorbs seven times its weight in water!

Most of us know that heat can damage our hair, but with natural curls, it can take hours to air dry your hair.

Our Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Turban is 85% polyester and 15% polyamide, perfect for drying your hair in less time without relying on the hairdryer. 

2. Reduces Frizz

One of the biggest benefits of using a microfiber towel for curly hair is that it reduces frizz. While humidity is one of the main causes of frizzy hair, overly dry hair can also cause it.

Towel-drying your curls after a shower can actually cause more frizz since it roughs up the hair cuticle. Using a microfiber towel can gently dry your hair and keep your curls looking their best.

3. Reduces Snagging

Regular towels can often snag your natural curls, as loops get stuck in the strands of hair. Since your hair is at its weakest state when it's wet, you can see why this can cause quite a bit of damage.

You don't want to rough up the hair, and terry cloth towels can snag on your strands. To prevent breakage, gently soak up the water from your curls with a microfiber hair towel.

4. Hair Turbans Are Hands-Free

Using a microfiber hair drying turban puts less stress on your natural curls. Simply wrap and secure the hair turban in place.

A hair turban is a perfect solution for all types of curls, from waves to curls and kinks. You'll never have to worry about your towel unwrapping and falling off since you simply button it in place. Let the microfiber towel dry your curls while you get ready for the day.

5. Lightweight

Microfiber hair towels are lightweight and easier on your neck. Hair turbans are even more convenient, as you simply wrap your hair and secure it.

Microfiber hair turbans have plenty of space for long hair or bigger curls, but they aren't as heavy as terry cloth towels.

Make the Switch to a Microfiber Hair Towel

As you can see, a microfiber hair towel provides many benefits for naturally curly hair. Not only is it more gentle on your curls, but it also won't dry your locks out or cause unwanted frizzy hair.

If you want to take your hair care to the next level, check out our other products made for different curl types. We're a natural and vegan company, and our specialty is curly hair products. See our selection, from microfiber hair towels to shampoos and oils, all designed for natural curls.


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