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Here's Why You Should Be Using Oil for Your Naturally Curly Hair

Are you making the most of your naturally curly hair?

The look of your curly locks can vary a lot depending on how you treat them! From lacklustre and too frizzy, to shiny and full of life, takes a lot of care to achieve.

There are tons of different routines designed for curly hair and working out your perfect routine takes some trial and error! One product that you definitely have to try is hair oil.

And why they say hair oil is a miracle? Take a look at all of these benefits of using oil for curly hair and you will see why.

Moisturize Your Hair

What's the number one essential for bouncy curls? Moisture.

Curly hair is naturally much more porous than straight hair, meaning that it loses water like nothing else! In a humid environment, dry hair will also absorb a whole lot of water from the environment, leading to shape loss. The best way to prevent dry hair with droopy curls is by giving it a hit of moisture, and oil is the ideal solution.

One of the main benefits of hair oil is that it can penetrate deep into your hair shaft, providing intense, long-lasting moisture. This will improve elasticity, helping your curls get their bounce back, and strengthen your hair. 

Prevent Split Ends and Frizz

By adding moisture with oil, you can also reduce frizz. Any curly-haired girl will know the pains of frizzy hair, but this is such a simple solution! Using oil for naturally curly hair will also smooth fly-aways, and control frizz when looking for a more defined look.

If you're struggling with split ends, why not give hair oil a go? As we said, the oil helps nourish and strengthen your hair, which can prevent those pesky split ends. Your hair will be healthier and happier. 

Give Your Scalp a Boost

For any hair type, dandruff can be a problem. Curlies tend to wash their hair less regularly, especially if you get braids. This can lead to an increase in dandruff and itchiness, as your natural oil present at the scalp may accumulate and allow the natural yeasts to proliferate.

If you struggle with these problems, the right hair oil could work wonders! At the Wild Curl, we have a Fortune Sage oil that's designed to re-balances dry, irritated and sensitive scalp. It mimics the skin’s natural oil and sinks into your scalp where it can cleanse the skin debris. The ingredients are known to help with skin conditions like psoriasis, alopecia areata, and eczema.  

Promote Hair Growth

Yes, yes, yes! Hair growth is something all the curlies lust for but sometimes it feels like your hair is growing more upwards than downwards. One way to boost hair growth is to include hair oils into your hair care routine. There are tons of carrier and essential oils that have been proven to promote hair growth by increasing circulation, the number of follicles, follicle depth, leading to faster hair growth. At The Wild Curl, we have designed and ideal formulation to promote healthier and faster hair growth with our Charm Oil. Studies have shown that the ingredients of the Charm Oil take an active role in promoting hair growth.

  1. Castor oil prevents hair loss.
  2. Peppermint essential oil increases dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth.
  3. Rosemary increases the number of hair count and works as a treatment for alopecia. 
  4. Cedarwood oil can help reduce hair fall caused by alopecia areata
  5. Basil essential oil has strong antifungal properties.
  6. Argan oil's proven benefits for hair and scalp health may prevent hair breakage and hair loss.


Oils for Curly Hair at The Wild Curl

Alongside our scalp oil, we have a heap of oils that are formulated for all types of curly hair. For everything you need, check out the WavyCurly or Kinky Hair Oil Kit, depending on your curly hair type. Here's what you can expect:

  • A daily styling oil: Wavy, Curly or Kinky Oil provide the hit of moisture for shinier and stronger curls, each complimenting to bring the best qualities of the hair type. 
  • Intensive treatment: Charm oil promotes healthier hair growth for a head of thick, luscious curls. 
  • Intensive treatment: Fortune oil takes care of your scalp so you don't have to deal with any itchy flaky feeling.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits of using oil for hair, ones that I wouldn't miss!

Create Your Curly Hair Routine

If you want to give your hair a healthy boost and nourish your strands, oil for curly hair is the ideal product. But, this is just the start of your curly hair routine! Be sure to check out or shampoos and conditioners for curly hair too and give your locks a new start. 

For more curly hair tips, get in touch with our team or drop a comment below. We're always happy to help!

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