Is it True that Castor Oil Promotes Hair Growth?

Is it True that Castor Oil Promotes Hair Growth?

Lately, there has been a huge boom around castor oil and hair growth and everyone is adding it into their hair care remedy. But is it actually working or is it just an urban legend?

Long hair with castor oil

The Myth around castor oil and hair growth

Castor oil and its benefits for scalp hair and eyebrow growth have been believed and followed for ages. It is said that castor oil helps by improving circulation to the follicles on the scalp giving it its well-known benefits. Now get ready for fun facts! Most sources say that the vitamin E and essential fatty acids in castor oil are the main factors for healthy hair growth. But as a matter of fact, castor oil is actually quite low in vitamin E comparing to other similar oils. Then why aren’t we hyping about oils that are richer in vitamin E than castor oil for hair growth?

The Actual truth around castor oil and hair growth

There is also another theory for its believed benefits. Studies had found that the scalps of bald men show higher levels of a hormone-like compound called prostaglandin PGD2 than men who are not balding. Flowingly, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which has been demonstrated to inhibit this PGD2 compound. Allegedly, this could lead to help hair growth and reduce hair loss.


So does castor oil help with your hair growth? Are you ready to give it a go and rate the myth "busted", "plausible", or "confirmed"?


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