3 Perfect Ways to Protect Curly Hair at Night

Protecting and maintaining your curls at night shouldn’t require a lot of effort. It also shouldn’t take too much time out of your precious evenings to get it right. But often it does, leaving many people wondering if there is a better way to keep your curls popping for days. 

To avoid damage and prevent frizz overnight, there are a few things you can do to keep that curly hairstyle healthy, defined, and lustrous. Hair products, styling choices, and even the type of pillowcase you use can make all the difference. 

How to sleep with curly hair 

Curly hair comes in a variety of different types. Each person has their own version of loose waves or tight ringlets.

This makes it especially difficult to find universal tips that apply to every variation. But there are a few ideas you can incorporate into your night routine to find your winning combination.

Hair Products Help

You've spent all day showing off your beautiful curls, but now it’s time to go to bed and  you might be just about to undo all your hard work whilst sleeping. This cyclical process is such a drag. Why not keep those curls for another day or two?

Leave-in conditioner, applied before bed makes for less time washing and styling. This hair product also keeps your hair healthy and your curls shiny. Plus, there is less likelihood that your hair will break - conditioner is great for reinforcing hair strength. 

Essential oils can also help trap moisture into your curls and keep them healthy longer. They moisturize while also perfuming your hair. 

Style Before You Sleep

The way you wear your hair at night can make a difference in how often you need to style your naturally curly hair as well. A loose bun or braid, as well as the pineapple method, keeps curls bouncy. Additionally, silk hair scrunchies minimize creases from forming. 

For another style tip, use a wide-comb brush so you don't disturb ringlets or inadvertently cause frizzing. You can even apply the leave-in conditioner to the comb to apply an even coat throughout. 

Pillow Type Matters

Who knew that even the type of pillowcase you use could have an impact on your hair styling routine in the morning? But a satin pillowcase is in fact the best type of pillowcase for protecting the moisture in your hair. This is because cotton pillowcases actually draw moisture out of hair during the sleep cycle. 

Additionally, if you are wrapping your hair at night in a scarf or towel, be sure to apply the same standards to that material as you do your pillowcase. For instance, if you use a T-shirt or towel, try microfiber, silk, or satin. 

Beautiful Curls That Last for Days

To best support your curly hair style, work smarter, not harder. There is little need for hours of styling each morning just to throw it all away at night by not properly protecting your curls. 

For more tips and styling tricks, head to our blog, and read more about how to best care for your naturally curly hair. 

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Vanessa Martins, Founder TheWildCurl