Are Silk Scrunchies Good for Curly Hair?

Are Silk Scrunchies Good for Curly Hair?

Unlike traditional hair ties, silk scrunchies prevent friction and tension due to the naturally smooth material. They are gentle on curls and can help promote hydrated, healthy, strong hair.

If you have naturally curly hair and are looking for the perfect product to keep your curls looking and feeling good, check out why silk scrunchies might be just the thing you need.

Silk Scrunchies Are Your Hair's New Best Friend

You may have heard about silk pillowcases, but what about silk scrunchies for your hair? When compared to a regular cotton hair tie, a silk hair scrunchy prevents your hair from getting damaged over time. 

You can find the same great colors and styles for scrunchies, but made from a gentler, healthier material - silk!

Help Your Hair Retain Moisture

Silk helps your hair retain moisture which is even more important for naturally curly hair. Your hair puts up with a lot of damage when you wash it, dry it, and style it. But you can help keep it healthier by ensuring your hair has proper moisture.

While cotton hair ties absorb and remove moisture from your hair, silk scrunchies protect your hair from losing moisture.

Moisture keeps your hair from breaking and frizzing which you will notice in the way your hair looks and feels. 

If you are looking to minimize damage from drying your hair, consider buying a microfiber turban.

The Safest Way Pineapple Your Hair

Yep, you read that correctly. Pineappling your hair is a way to put up your hair using a silk scrunchie that prevents frizz, knots and flattened curls. You can keep the gentle bounce of your curls, even overnight!

The silk scrunchie lets you put up your curls without potential damage. Even if you toss and turn during the night, the scrunchie will not pull on your hair or cause knotting. Your hair can effortlessly move across the pillow without any discomfort.

It will also protect your hair from flattening overnight, so you can rock those curls and honestly say, "I woke up like this."

Less Breakage and Unwanted Shedding

Have you ever taken a traditional hair tie out of your hair and been unpleasantly surprised to find that several hairs come with it? Well, that is a problem of the past if you switch to silk hair scrunchies.

Silk scrunchies prevent your hair from breaking and becoming more brittle. In turn, the hair is stronger and doesn't get pulled out when you put in or take out the scrunchie.

Silk Scrunchies Are a Nice Styling Accessory

Now you know why silk scrunchies are great to protect your curls and keep them healthy, but they're also a fun accessory. 

Silk scrunchies have that nice 90s touch and go well on hair and on the wrist! And as all curlies have experienced, you'll never know when you need to tie your hair up.

Buy Now, Protect Your Hair Forever

Now is the time to give silk scrunchies a try!

What do you have to lose? Not your luscious curls and healthy hair, that's for sure! Buy one today and you will see and feel the difference. You can live without damage, frizz, and breaking just by switching your scrunchie.

If you're looking for more awesome products for curly hair, check out everything we have to offer on our website!


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