The Best 4C Winter Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

With changing seasons come new needs for your curly, kinky hair, especially in winter. 4C hair is naturally dry and the cold winter days do not help it out, so knowing how to take care of curly hair in this time of the year is a must.

Here is the winter hair routine for 4C hair you should use and the hair care products for curly hair to survive the weather and combat dryness, itchy scalp, and hair breakage.

Deep Condition and Moisturize!

One of the first things to keep your 4C hair healthy in winter is to deep condition your hair often, meaning either once a week at the very least. You should also opt for a moisturizing hair mask that contains ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, and olive oil as these are highly moisturizing ingredients.

Use Protective Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles like braids, weaves, and wigs will help reduce any hair friction or breakage that may occur. They will encourage hair growth since it will reduce the chance that you will pull or manipulate your hair. All in all, use the winter season to give your air a break and reduce hairstyles that require a lot of manipulation and upkeep.  


Use the LOC Method

What is the LOC method? LOC stands for "liquid, oil, cream," which is the order you should use these products in your curly hair. 

The liquid part can be water or your water-based leave-in conditioner. Hair oils, like our Kinky Hair Oil kit, will replenish your hair and strengthen your roots. The cream should be a twisting cream or butter.

When you apply the LOC method in this order, your kinky curls can retain moisture for longer periods of time. Be sure to do this after shampooing and conditioning your hair right before you start styling it.

Treat Your Hair With Steam

A stream treatment is when you coat your hair in a hair oil like olive or jojoba oil, use hot heat, and leave your hair within the steamer. This allows your hair strands to be penetrated by your conditioner and other hair treatments, bringing in better moisture absorption.

Drink More H2O (Yes, Really)

Water doesn't just hydrate your body, it also helps your hair out.

Drinking water brings important minerals like iron, zinc, copper, and calcium into your body. It also helps your hair stay thick and prevent breakage. If your scalp is also dry and itchy, water consumption will moisturize the scalp and ease the urge to scratch.

If you want an easy way to prevent winter hair damage, drink more water, and keep up the recommended eight ounces a day.

Avoid Heat Styling Your Hair

Heat damage of any kind can cause loosening curl patterns, hair breakage, and frizzing.

Instead of using heat to style hair, try a wet setting. A wet setting is when your hair should get completely dry before going outside. You can style your hair with Bantu knots, cornrows, box braids, and 2-stand flat twists, all of which do not require heat to set. 

Avoiding any risk of heat damage will give you the foundation you need for perfect winter hair care for curly hair.

Put on Winter Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

Changing your hair routine in the winter is essential, especially when you have curly 4C hair. Thus, using the right hair care products for curly hair can help your scalp be prepared for the change in seasons.

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