The Best Gifts for Your Curly Hair Friend

The Best Gifts for Your Curly Hair Friend

Do you know someone with a bouncing bob or curvy coif? While you’re busy admiring how fun and fashionable their hairstyle is, they likely struggle to keep it under control.

Below, we list several products specially designed to keep looped locks luscious-looking. They’re the perfect gift ideas for that curly hair friend in your life.

Microfiber Towels

A durable microfiber towel is gentler on fragile curls than traditional terry cloth. This magical material absorbs up to seven times its weight in moisture. There’s no need to rub your natural curly hair to get it dry and you can even ditch that damaging blow dryer.

Better yet, combine all of this into a product that keeps hair contained. Button this Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Turban onto your head while putting on makeup, getting ready to go to work, or before hopping into bed. It dries hair fast without frizz, making it easier to style.

Wide-Tooth Brush for Curly Hair

Are you seeking to add volume to lack-luster curls? A wide-tooth comb (also called an Afro comb) like the Wild Curl Hair Pick Volumizer creates fuller, thicker hair without the frizz that traditional hair brushes create. 

To use the comb, flip your head upside down and pick at just the roots. The hair should be dry for the best results. It works with naturally curly corkscrews to tight coils (3c and above).

Hair Scrunchies

As those with textured hair know, standard hair elastics pull on the strands and cause breakages.

Thank the Eighties, hair scrunchies are making a comeback! Silk scrunchies don’t pull on curly hair. They’re soft and adaptable: pineapple, braid, or simply tie back hair for styles that are fresh, fast, and fashionable.

Scrunchies make ideal curly girl’s Christmas or birthday gifts because they’re easy to pop inside a stocking. You can even get playful with the colours for that extra pop of festive cheer.

Silk or satin Pillowcases

Is your lolling-locked spouse tired of waking up with frizzy hair?

Upgrade your pillowcases to silk or satin and you’ll never hear them complain again. Made from natural fiber, this ultra-soft textile reduces friction, locks in moisture, and preserves the shape of curls. And bonus, silk pillowcases are also thought to keep your skin glowing and promote deeper sleep.

If you want that hair up close and personal with some sultry fabric, try switching the pillow for a bonnet.

Essential Hair Oils

All hair is porous, but curly hair is more so than other hair types. Oils for curly hair are absorbed deep into the shaft. Moisture gets locked-in, improving strength and bounce.

But what, you might be wondering, is the best hair oil for frizzy hair? Castor oil is wonderful for preventing hair loss, basil oil is antifungal (great for humid climates), rosemary oil can boost volume, and argan oil reduces breakages.

Water Spray Products

If your curly girlfriend complains about waves that are a bit too wild, get her a water spray bottle for hair. This is an inexpensive gift that she is guaranteed to love you for.

A pocket-sized decanter with a tightly fitted lid makes the best water spray bottle for curly hair. It’s a take-anywhere product that won’t spill in a handbag.

Why not create a refresh spray for curly hair? Package up a water spray bottle for hair with a few bottles of argan or rosemary essential oil.

Conquer the Twists and Turns

Everything from humidity to the wrong hair protection products can set curly hair on a path to up-do destruction. Help your twist-topped friend find their way through the labyrinth with any one of these top quality products. Better yet, combine any of these items to create a curly hair gift set.

Curly girl products are just a click away at The Wild Curl. Embrace the bounce. Browse our offerings online today.

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