Coconut oil for hair

The Complete Guide to Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

Did you know that coconut oil can help restore the shine and hydration of your hair follicles? It can be used to help repair damaged hair or treat dandruff.

You can use coconut oil as a hair mask or apply it to damp hair and it offers great benefits to your hair. Keep reading and we will guide you through the benefits of coconut oil for curly hair.

The Ingredients

Coconut oil, formally known as a caprylic or capric triglyceride, comes from the meat of the coconut and is specifically harvested from the coconut palm. Coconut oil is edible and it's a process to extract and use as an ingredient in hair products.

At Wild Curl we use a part of the coconut oil that contains triglycerides of medium-chain and saturated fatty acids in our Kinky oil. This includes mainly C-8 (caprylic) and C-10 (capric).

The capric and caprylic acids work together as antioxidants and disinfectants that create the perfect moisturizer that doesn't weigh your hair down in the process.

Our Kinky oil is one of our carefully constructed products containing coconut oil. We strive to create products that are healthy for your hair and have a long shelf-life so you can use them for a long time. 

Is coconut oil good for curly hair? 

The main benefits of coconut oil are that it helps add moisture and makes your hair stronger over time. 

Whether you have curly or straight hair, coconut oh through how to apply it.

Daily beauty regimens, such as washing, brushing, straightening, or curling your hair can be damaging and leave hair frizzy, broken, or dry. Coconut oil has been found to combat these daily activities and maintain healthy hair.

You want to incorporate coconut oil into your dry hair at night because if you put it on in the morning it can make your hair look greasy. You can also warm the oil before putting it in your hair, this helps open up your hair cuticles that will soak it in.

You should put the most on the dry and damaged parts of your hair, and less on the healthier parts. Leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes wearing a shower cap and warm towel for an extra push to open up your hair molecules and then wash your hair thoroughly.

You will need to experiment with how much you use to find what works best with your hair. For example, if you find your hair is greasy or weighing you down, use less of it or shampoo more at the end.

Test it Out

Now that you understand the benefits of coconut oil and know how to apply coconut oil to curly hair, you are ready to test it out.

You want to make sure you're hitting all the damaged parts of your hair while not putting in too much and weighing down or making your hair greasy.

Start shopping for your new hair products on Wild Curl or contact us with questions about enhancing your curls.