Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil - FAQ

Can you moisturise your hair with coconut oil?
Coconut oil is one of the best hair moisturisers for curly hair there is. Saturated fat comprises more than 90% of the fat content of coconut oil, the majority of which is in the form of medium-chain fatty acids. This structure gives it low molecular weight and a straight linear chain making it easy to penetrate inside the hair shaft. Our Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil is rich in one of the best coconut oil for hair, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, which is derived from coconut oil and glycerin. It gives a very light touch that is not at all greasy/oily feeling on the hair. One of the faves of curly girls!

Will the Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil strengthen my hair?
Coconut Oil in the hair oil acts as a protein treatment for curly hair making your hair stronger and healthier. Coconut oil, when being used as a prewash and post-wash product, was found to reduce protein loss of hair. It doesn't contain proteins within itself, however, on top of its low molecular weight, it has a very high affinity for proteins. This means that it can penetrate the hair shaft. Once inside the hair fibre, the coconut oil increases protein hydrophobicity (repelling water) and consequently reduces cuticle swelling caused by water. Thus coconut oil reinforces the protein structure of your hair making it stronger.

Will the Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil help control frizziness?
Coconut and Argan Oil are great moisturizing oil for natural hair prone to frizz. These oils have excellent emollient properties making them smooth and silky on top of the hair fibre laying down damage and open cuticles making our Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil one of the best products for curly frizzy hair.

Which hair oil should I choose, Wavy, Curly or Kinky?
Our Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil is an ideal oil for dry hair that is brittle and breaks easily. Its Coconut and Avocado oil benefits for hair are tremendously nourishing and softening. This formula is designed to give an extra moisturizing boost. If your hair gets easily weighed down, we would recommend trying our Weightless Wavy Hair Oil, which only contains lightweight hair oils, hence it is suitable for fine wavy hair types. If you have tight textured afro coily hair rather than wavy curly hair, take a look at our Afro Kinky Castor Hair Oil, which retains moisture inside the hair shaft for days.

Do I need to use a leave-in conditioner before the Moisturizing Curly Hair Oil?
We recommend using the LOG or LOC method, which means first to apply a leave-in conditioner (L), then hair oil (O) and lastly curl cream (C) or gel (G) if you want to add hold to the look. However, this is optional and not necessary for all hair types. Since oils are hydrophobic (water-repelling), it is important to have your hair well hydrated before using hair oils. However, if you have fine curly hair and you are not a big fan of leave-in conditioners, try a leave-in mist or simply hydrate your hair with water before the oil application.