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What is my curly hair type? and why it is important? It is important to determine what kind of hair type you have. After knowing your hair type, it is easier for you to find out the right products for your hair.

Curly hair type guide

The hair types were created by Andre Walker, an American hairstylist, who is best known for being the personal hairstylist of Oprah Winfrey and for creating Halle Berry's signature short pixie haircut. There are four different hair types: 1 straight, 2 wavies, 3 curly and 4 kinky. Within each main category, there are three subcategories, a-c, that are based on the diameter of the wave, curl or coil.

    • Type 1: Straight Hair
    • Type 2: Wavy Hair
    • Type 3: Curly Hair
    • Type 4: Kinky Hair

Below you can read more information about different hair types and find out, which hair type you have! 

Curly Hair STrands 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c

Type 1: Straight Hair

Type 1 is straight hair. This type reflects the most sheen and is also the most resilient hair of all of the hair types. It doesn't get damaged easily and it is extremely difficult to curl this hair texture. Because the sebum (natural oil in the scalp) easily spreads from the scalp to the ends without curls or kinks to interrupt its journey, it is the most oily hair texture of all.

Type 1 Straight hair

Type 2: Wavy Hair

Type 2 is wavy hair, which has a texture and sheen ranging between straight and curly hair.Due to the high natural movement in the wavy hair, it has the highest prone to frizz and it tends to lose curl definition easily. Wavy has an S-pattern strand, which can be formed throughout the hair or closer to the head depends on the subcategory. While type A waves can easily alternate between straight and curly styles, type B and C Wavy hair is resistant to styling.

Type 2: Wavy Hair

From our products, Wavy hair oil is made for fine, frizzy hair. To avoid weighing down the hair, we created a non-greasy and fast absorbing treatment oil rich in Vitamins and Oleic acid. Therefore, the product contains light oils, such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. Jojoba oil is the closest to our scalp’s natural oils and can be used to control our oil production, preventing over greasiness. Sweet almond Almonds are a rich source of oil containing omega-9 fatty acid and linoleic acid giving it a good ability to penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize hair from the inside. Grapeseed oil contains a lot of vitamin E, as sweet almond oil, promoting hair growth and health. It also helps the hair look shiny, without leaving it greasy. One crucial ingredient is the elixir of all oils: Argan oil. It moisturizes the hair by reducing dry, brittle and damaged ends and it protects against heat damage. It helps to fight against frizz and it will leave your hair soft and easier to manage. We added rosemary essential oil due to its marvelous scent and its ability to promote hair thickness and growth.

Type 3: Curly Hair

Type 3 is curly hair, which includes hair types from loose spiral curls to tight corkscrew curls. The coils are not as tightly packed as in kinky hair and therefore it is more receptive to different styling methods. Curly hair is prone to dryness, breakage and especially to frizziness (climate dependent, humidity = frizz). It needs added moisture to keep the curls well-formed coils and to prevent frizz. Lack of proper care causes less defined curls.

Type 3: Curly Hair

From our products, Curly hair oil is made for dry, medium to thick hair texture. This product contains the oil everyone loves and uses for hair and health all over the world: Coconut oil. This oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair and as well it can prevent protein loss in the hair. One crucial ingredient is the elixir of all oils: Argan oil. It moisturizes the hair by reducing dry, brittle and damaged ends and it protects against heat damage. It helps to fight against frizz and it will leave your hair soft and easier to manage. The avocado oil in it ensures ultimate moisturizing properties. Additionally, two essential oils, lemongrass oil, and ylang-ylang oil strengthen the hair follicles and promote healthy growth.

Type 4: Kinky Hair

Type 4 is kinky hair, which is known to be the curliest hair type there is. However, most often there will be no visible curl pattern because the strand tends to form so-called Z-pattern instead of S-pattern. Kinky textured hair is often fragile, dry and with a very high density. Compared to other hair types, type 4 hair often has a short appearance since it is very tightly coiled making it shrink more and by having fewer cuticle layers making it is more susceptible to damage. Kinky hair needs added moisture to avoid the breakage of the hair. With added moisture, you can increase the sebum production and increase hydration.

Type 4: Kinky Hair

From our products, Kinky hair oil is made for dry, fragile, high denisity hair. Its oil contains castor oil, which is well known to be extremely rich in vitamin E and fatty acids enhancing hair growth and keeping the hair generally in good health. The fatty acids cannot penetrate the hair follicle, instead, they latch onto the outside of the hair fiber preventing any moisture to escape. This is why the oil should be added after adding leave-in conditioner or other moisturizing product to lock in the moisture. As well, it contains apricot seed oil, which also stimulates hair growth, seals in moisture and, as castor oil, it absorbs small amounts of water from the air’s humidity to help maintain that barrier of hydration inside the hair strand. Additionally, the oil contain two essential oils, lavender, and rosemary. Not only giving a lovely scent but to prevent hair loss and enhance healthy hair growth.

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