Weightless Wavy Hair Oil - How to Use

As a hair styling oil:
Use during your styling routine as an anti-frizz oil. After showering or refreshing your hair with water, conditioning mist or leave-in conditioner, apply the Weightless Wavy Hair Oil to seal in the added moisture. Pour a few drops on your palms and rub them only to the ends of your hair. When applying the hair oil, keep scrunching your curls, preferably your head upside down to add more volume.

As an intensive hair oil treatment:
Oils can always be used as an intensive treatment too! Rub the hair oil through your hair and scalp and let the treatment sit for 30 min or overnight for damaged hair using our Microfibre Turban and wash out in the morning. If you have very thick hair and find that products won't absorb that easily into your hair, you can try a hot oil treatment. Heat the oil slightly before application. It will give you an extra nourishment and conditioning boost!

As a pre-poo treatment:
Before your wash day, pre-poo your hair with hair oil to protect your hair against any damages that shampooing may cause. Apply a small handful of oil through your scalp and hair, and let it sit through the night or at least half an hour before showering.