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Hi to everyone! My name is Vanessa, the founder of the Wild Curl, and I will tell you how it all began. I hope you all enjoy what we are doing here because I am thrilled about it. Sit down, relax and enjoy!


As an owner of a fluffy afro, I know how hard it can be sometimes to handle and style your curls. I can’t imagine a person who could have described it better than an American writer Phoebe Robinson: “We black girls are conditioned from a young age to treat our natural hair as a problem that needs to be remedied, that we need to have that ‘good hair,’ meaning hair that, in its natural state, is not difficult to comb through”. While trying to reach the “good hair” state, a lot of us went through hair processing, such as hot combs, blowouts, weaves, perms and even chemically relaxing their hair. And trust me, this is not just extremely harmful to the hair, but also those processes are very expensive. For me, the-straightening-my-hair-phase came when I was a teenager and of course, the hair straighteners weren't powerful enough, so I ended up using a flat clothing iron (I still have a huge burn mark in my shoulder from that). Few times I even thought about chemically relaxing my hair, but luckily the cost of it was way out of our family paycheck.

Personally, I didn't go through a lot of hair modifications processes when I was younger, thanks to my mum, who is a lovely Finnish woman with blond straight hair and blue eyes. She was quite handy what came to handling my hair. She learned how to braid it, how to do Bantu knots and how to tie it into a perfect bun for my gymnast competitions so that it wouldn’t look any different from my teammates’. The only problem here is, that she was lacking the right tools to do it, so she had to get creative. To simply brush my hair, she couldn’t just march to a normal supermarket and buy one. I don’t know if you have noticed, but most of the brushes have these small plastic balls in the tips. Therefore, every time I brushed my hair, I had fewer spikes in my brush and more in my hair. Literally, after running through all the shops in our town, my mum found herself buying a dog brush with no plastic on the tips. So yes! Till today, I have brushed my hair with a dog icon on the brush handle. Another thing I remember her getting creative was, how she solved my tangles after my vacations in our summer cottage, where I just run for weeks between the sauna and lake with my hair free in its most extreme natural state. Our normal showering conditioner just couldn’t do the job, which was basically called “Very fine Finnish hair conditioner”, so my mum decided to empty the olive oil bottle from the kitchen into my hair and started detangling my hair, while telling me an old Finnish expression saying that “you have to suffer to be beautiful”. Well the oil thing kind of makes sense, right? What you can eat, you can put into your hair as well.  

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However, that was the 90s in Finland. Our family was literally the only ones with tightly coiled afros within 50-miles radius. Today, we live in 2017, and I still feel like there is a great need for hair care products for curly hair and especially for afro hair. The industry for curly hair is rather small, comparing to the industry selling products for straight hair. However, I am very happy that we are living a decade when people are starting to pay more attention to the ingredients in our beauty products. What we put in and on to our body makes a big difference to our health and appearance. That is why we wanted to create a 100% natural hair care line without any added toxins specifically designed for curly hair. We use high-quality ingredients to guarantee the best possible result. Each of our products is designed to specific curl type since not all curly hair is the same. For nourishing your hair, we use a variety of carrier oils, which are blended with essential oils to maximize the therapeutic benefits. We want to create a hair care line that helps to keep your hair healthy, strong and beautiful.

So, let’s keep it curly and let’s rock our natural hair, shall we!

Glad you got to meet me,